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Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)

We Design Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) solutions to our clients for residential, commercial, hotels, hospitals, industrial, institutional & design audit & proof consultancy works. Our solutions are designed to give economy of operations and to achieve maximum utilization.


Building Management System

Building Management System

We are engaged in offering Building Management System, which makes use of network controller (NCU’s) & direct digital controllers (DDC) technology for controlling of chilling machines and various pumps and fans in HVAC works. This system is basically designed to have economy in operation and minimizing the energy utilization.


The Building Management System (BMS) consist of the following elements:


  • Electronic and electro-mechanical controls for all items including dampers, valves, motors, and other peripheral devices

  • Microprocessor based station controllers interfacing directly with field devices like sensors, actuators, valves and air-conditioning systems like chillers, air handling units (AHUS), pumps, fan coil units (FCUS) and fans.

  • A peer-to-peer communication network to allow data exchange between the individual station controllers.

  • Communication network interfacing the microprocessor based station controllers to the man-machine interface via the system controllers.

  • Terminating signal / control cables from field devices in to the DDC panels including suitable interfaces for protocol management.

  • Integration with the analog addressable fire detection system.



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Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Our range of Addressable Fire Alarm System is designed in accordance with various applicable relevant national and international standards. These are installed where various fire alarm panels duly networked are installed. The fire alarm system (FAS) incorporates fire detection, fire signalling (hooters), and equipment monitoring and control system consisting of the following elements:



  • Microcomputer-based PC-Type work station central and associated peripherals and software functions as the primary operator interface for the FAS

  • Distributed microprocessor-based fire alarm control panel (FACP) interfacing directly with heat and smoke sensors


Functionally to be implemented at the FACP level includes:


  • Individual input/output point scanning, processing and control

  • Addressable and analog smoke and heat sensors

  • Alarm detection

  • Event scheduling

  • Fire bus communications interface and control


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Field Devices

Field Devices

Having a vast industrial expertise, we are offering Field Systems, that includes manual call points, heat detectors, smoke detectors and monitor manuals. These are designed in conformation to various national and international standards and catering to various applications like hotels, hospitals, residential and Commercial Buildings.


Addressable initiating devices shall consist of various devices as below:


  • Manual Call Points: The manual stations shall be the non-coded, break glass type general alarm devices, painted red and suitable for surface or flush mounting manual stations shall be interfaceable to a monitor module that is addressable. The manual station shall have normally open fire alarm and annunciator contacts and these contacts shall close on activation. Contacts shall remain closed until station is manually reset by replacement of glass


  • Heat Detectors: Fire alarm thermal sensors shall be tamper-resistant, solid state devices that send an analogue signal or sense temperature. Address switches shall be provided for setting sensor address. Fire Alarm thermal detector shall have the capability of transmitting the actual temperature reading of the space monitored.


  • Smoke Detectors: Intelligent smoke sensors shall be of the ionization and photoelectric type. Smoke sensors shall be of the solid-state type, addressable, and capable of sensing smoke density of particles of combustion


  • Monitor Modules: Monitor modules for fire alarm initiating devices shall be provided to connect digital type devices to provide addressing capability. Decade switches shall be provided for setting device address. The monitor modules shall supervise the wiring between the module and the device monitored



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Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Our range of Fire Alarm System is catering to the requirement of various buildings and complexes and serves the purpose of smoke/fire detection in any of the areas in a very quick time so that proper action can be taken like evacuation of occupants, triggering of extinguishing processes and summoning the fire fighting team.

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Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

We Design Wide range of Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) systems, which provide indication for communications with the central console and alarm and trouble conditions in each sensor loops. These are catering to the requirements of various residential, commercial and institutional Buildings.


Some of the details are mentioned below:


  • FACPs shall operate on 24 V DC power, smoke detectors shall be powered using the FACP-based smoke detection circuits. FACPs shall provide for resetting smoke detectors, fault-isolation and sensor loop operation.

  • Different fire devices within the same FACP to optimize field wiring


  • FACPs shall provide indication for communications with the central console and alarm and trouble conditions in each sensor loops.

  • FACPs shall provide monitoring and control of one floor or area or for multiple floors or areas

  • All hardware and software to allow the FACP configuration and operation to be changed shall be provided. Memory data shall be contained in non-volatile memory (EPROM)

  • Alarm verification with field-adjustable time from 0 to 60 seconds for individual smoke detector

  • During the alarm verification, the panel shall retard the alarm until the end of the period

  • If the alarm was only a transient smoke alarm, the panel shall automatically reset the alarm

  • Only a verified alarm shall initiate the alarm sequence for the software zone

  • Digital numeric display at the FACP shall be provided to indicate point in alarm or trouble

  • In such systems, means for manually scanning the points in trouble or shall be provided and a trouble and alarm LED shall be used to indicate that there are still points in alarm or trouble

  • The alarm or trouble LED shall only extinguish when all alarms or troubles are cleared from the loop

  • It shall be possible to command test, reset and alarm silence from both the FACP and the central console

  • Software zones/loops shall be circuited and protected by fault isolation modules such that in the event of a zone/loop short-circuit not more than twenty (20) devices shall be left non functional

  • he FACP shall process the true continuous analog signal from the sensors. System using step setting to represent analog signal will not be accepted

  • The FACP shall be able to set dual alarms threshold for occupied and unoccupied periods

  • During unoccupied period, the alarm threshold shall automatically be lowered to facilitate quicker response

  • In addition, the FACP shall further process all analog values for pre-alarm limits to prompt the operator for early maintenance

  • If a sensor value increases to an above normal level or a pre-alarm limit for an extended duration, the FACP shall communicate a pre-alarm maintenance

  • The FACP shall be backed up with UPS power and shall also be connected to central UPS power available in the building

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Public Address System

Public Address System

Our range of Public Address System is mainly used for the purpose of emergency evacuation. It is equipped with main control panel and all necessary associated equipment such as pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers, which offers full protection during an emergency.


The public address system consists of the following elements:


  • Messaging through pre-recorded voice messages in case of fire

  • Background Music in pre-defined areas

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